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Frequently asked question

Protected Video playback compatibility across devices & browsers

We have given a summary of the recommended browsers on each device.

Talking of compatibility by example; there is a reason why Netflix does not play in mobile phone browsers (but we do). Netflix also is not supported on apps in some phones which do not have the required security compatibility, and Netflix does not provide HD videos on most devices because of security reasons. Our aim is that all viewers should have at least one very good option to watch videos on whichever device they have.

Summary: (Limitations are due to DRM solution compatibility with browsers and updates to ensure the highest security)

HTTPS is must on your website to play HTML5 videos, without https on your webpages, Vdocipher player will face issues.

1. Desktop/Laptop(Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • Updated Chrome & Firefox on desktop most recommended browsers on Desktop. OS should also be updated to best possible versions. If a message shows on player to upgrade browser/OS, please first update Chrome/Firefox.
  • If your account has Fairplay DRM integrated, then Safari on Desktop can also play well. Default, it is not supported.
  • Latest Updated Edge on Windows 10 , Windows 8 is also now supported, users must update their Edge (83 and higher) to try it. Older versions are not supported.

2. Android (Phone/Tablet)

  • In latest updated chrome (Supported only for Android OS>5). If it does not play in chrome (it can happen due to DRM compatibility issue in 1% cases) , then please try playing in any of the 2 other popular browsers which can support Widevine HTML playback on android
    – latest updated ‘Firefox’ or updated ‘Edge’ browsers..So in summary, Chrome is default most recommended browser in Android,  but 1 % of android chrome can have issues. Such users should try in latest updated ‘Firefox’ or updated ‘Edge’ browser on Android.

3. IOS (Phone/Ipad)

  • Default – Updated Safari is most recommended if Fairplay DRM is not integrated for your account.  Many devices’ chrome might be able to play videos as well (Specially IOS 14 users), but some old IOS chrome users wont be able to play. So Updated Safari is most recommended.
  • If your account has Fairplay DRM integrated, then updated Safari is the most recommended browser.
  • IOS >11.2 is required for playback. IOS <11.2 devices can face issues.

Message showing on Desktop Chrome or Firefox –   

Reason – It can happen due to some encoding issue in the raw video or certain extension/virus/adware in viewer device.

What to do –   
First, Ensure that the chrome or firefox is latest updated. Then try in other browser than current. (e.g firefox if error is in chrome)

Ensure that viewer tries playing without any extension installed. Adblock plugin/extensions are the common one giving errors. So, it is good to check in Chrome or Firefox Incognito with no plugin/extension working on browser. Incognito browser mode generally works better.

3016/3015/3014 – When observed on an Android device

Cause– This error can be temporary in nature or it can happen because some android chrome browsers are not compatible with Google Widevine DRM. This is an error that Google also knows of and doesn’t have a permanent fix. 


1-  Ensure that the Android OS version is greater than 5 and Chrome browser is latest updated.

2- Try using a different compatible browser on Android – Try updated Firefox and updated Edge


 There are some issues with Hotmail / Outlook receiving email, sometimes it doesn't receive the mail from the website. We recommend using Gmail or any other valid email provider.

On our website, students can not be logged in to the same account from different devices at a time. Our system will log out of all devices and keep the last device logged in device. So if you share your account details with your friends or someone else they will log out frequently , it means you or someone who knows your credentials are also trying to log in into your account at the same time.

If you see a blank page on the exam centre page, it might be browser cache issue. Please remove your browser cache.

For iPhone Safari: 

Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.

For Android Chrome: 

Go to Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data

For Desktop devices see this article

I can not see, any resources in my account. It is showing up package expires. 

You need to purchase new package or renew same package to get active resources. After package expired, you can not access anything about that package you are looking for.